Important News:  Mel gets disconnected 19 times during Dr. Paul LaViolette's interview.
Tonight, not only will I lean into discomfort, but I will also take you behind the scenes to share with you what is to me the most blatant and conspicuous attempt to sabotage our efforts.  If you are familiar with Dr. LaViolette's anti-gravity research, you may know why.  The more "they" tried, the more determined we became to continue our interview.  As you can see, I am sending this newsletter later than usual.  You will know why shortly.  This afternoon, I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Paul LaViolette.  During our interview our communication was cut off 19 times.  Thankfully, I was dealing with someone who is cognizant of the information he wants to share with the world and he was kind enough to allow me to call him back 19 times.  After all this harassment, I thought I was going to be able to reconnect the 20 audio files.  Up until file 17 everything was turning 100% perfect.  However, the last three files (the last 23 minutes of the show) had something missing.  You see, I record my voice in stereo with one system and then the telephone conversation (the guest and I) with another system.  Although I could hear Dr. LaViolette, his voice during the last 23 minutes is completely absent.  It's as if it was surgically removed.  I am dumbfounded that this was accomplished, as my voice on the telephone call is still there.  Incidentally, this last portion of the show included very incisive questions and, if "they" were attempting to cut us off 19 times, they were able to inflict the last blow with the last three attempts, rendering a very important part of our interview useless.  That said, I have already sent Dr. LaViolette an urgent request to allow me to re-record the missing portion, so that we don't give "them" the pleasure of ruining a very important and revealing interview.  Judging by how Dr. LaViolette responded to my 19 calls, I feel confident that his passion for the truth will shine once again.  I just wanted to let you know that VERITAS is obviously entering into a phase where "they" are noticing we are making a difference and our pledge for no censorship still stands.  I need you to stand behind me in the next few weeks, as we continue to uncover the truth.  Thank you.

Mel Fabergas
(posted November 5, 2009 on the Veritas Show website)